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Caring · Personal · Transformative

Offering a welcoming and safe space open to folks of any gender, orientation, race, or religion

Meet Paul

Paul Kahn, LCSW, DCSW
A caring, practical, and skilled psychotherapist for over 25 years, I integrate relational psychoanalysis, Focusing, and solution-based therapies to treat adults, adolescents, families, and couples. People who work with me say they feel deeply listened to and understood.

Meet Monika

Certified in somatic counseling and Compassionate Bereavement Care, I am a holistic counselor specializing in traumatic grief and women’s empowerment. To meet the needs and goals of each client, my focus is on building personal, trusting, and safe relationships.

Compassionate Care

Reaching out for help is a difficult decision. If you are in a time of crisis and great need, you can rely on us to deeply care and give you our full, personal attention. People who work with us feel they are really listened to and deeply understood.

Our services rest in a trustworthy, cooperative relationship between client and counselor, and focuses on nurturing, healthful developmental tendencies, as well as on identifying and resolving problematic patterns.

A Great Investment

“Simply put, working with Paul has been the greatest investment that I have ever made.”

S.F. ​

He Goes Well Beyond

“Paul provides a very helpful therapeutic experience that includes, but goes well beyond traditional psychotherapy”


Such Experience, Kindness, Compassion

“Words of wisdom, the voice of experience, kindness and compassion; these are all phrases to describe what it is like to work with Paul Kahn.”