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Monika Kahn

Monika Kahn is a holistic counselor specializing in traumatic grief and women’s empowerment. She is certified in somatic counseling and is a Compassionate Bereavement Care- CBC provider for the MISS Foundation. Basing her care on establishing a personal, trusting, and safe relationship and includes somatic as well as various forms of nature-based contemplative practices, Monika individually designs her way of working to the needs and goals of each client.

Monika is a currently working as the Family Services Coordinator and a Grief counselor for the MISS Foundation network.

A naturalized U.S. citizen, Monika emigrated from Switzerland where she co-directed two state agencies in Switzerland for over 24 years – a farming school and a residential trade school for young adults.

From Monika:

Grief Counseling for Traumatic Loss

If you have lost a loved one of any age, from any cause, I deeply care. I am here to help share the pain and to walk with you along the path of grief. Depending on your needs and your beliefs, we will hold formal grief counseling paired with contemplative and psychological practices as well as rituals to remember your loved one.

Women’s Empowerment Along the Path of Life

Social structures and cultural expectations have distorted and obstructed women’s passages throughout their life cycle. We need to recognize and deconstruct these internalized influences that block our life energies. We do this together with personal dialogue, group processes, contemplative and psychological practices, rituals, dance, and journeys into the natural world.

Schedule an Appointment with Monika

Call Monika at 1-973-767-6973 or email her at

Monika typically answers inquiries within 24 hours. Together you and she will discuss your needs and determine if she is the right person to help you. If so, she will schedule an initial appointment with you.

Payment: Monika does not take insurance. Her basic fee is $45/hour, paid at the time of scheduling.

Location: Monika’s office is in Savannah, GA. Monika is seeing local, COVID-vaccinated clients in person, and others through a secure online portal. Non-local clients use a secure, online portal to work with Monika.